The Clowns of the Security Industry


I have stumble on this Dog Training Video on Face Book and I cannot stop laughing.


I don't know who are these “ security guys” but they are a good example about “ How not to do it”

There are plenty of security company out there that have no clue about how security works.

These guys at least try to do something but their training video is so full of mistakes that is hurting the common sense.

The van looks fine, one small problem Blue Lights are reserved only for police cars and vans.

1st . Private security companies are not aloud to use blue lights.

2nd. The so called Training is taken place in a residential area or some estate with public access as I can see in the video. Big mistake.
You train your security dogs in a public area and you kind of broke the law. (see Guard Dog Act 1975)

3rd. The poor dog; we can see that is not hurrying up to stop the decoy, he goes for a cuddle.

And the decoy has no protection at all, so this is not a training video; its a promotional one and as a promotional video is a pack of lies and mistakes.

3rd. The dog is not security trained.

4th. The decoy is not trained he just mess about and fell on the ground with no reasons apart of having the dog coming towards him to give him a cuddle.

5th. The handler has no clue what he is doing. He is holding that dog leash very funny.

My dog trainers will categorise it as “poor lead work”

The "handler" got the “Stand Still” challenges all right and compensate for his K9 partner who is not barking at all. 

In the last frame he has the dog in the left hand and push the decoy with his right hand for no reasons.

In a real situation you come with the dog so close to a suspect (especially after a bite) you push the suspect, the dog will lunch and you will have as we call it in the industry an “unwanted bite”, which is a mistake.

I fell oblige to tell these Muppets to start with some useful readings.

  • Guard Dog Act 1975

  • BS 7499

and to do some NASDU dog training.

I'm looking forward to see more videos from this company; to see if they improve or remain “The Clowns of the Security Industry”

Hope you had some fun watching the video too.


Ray Zamfir  



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