Purley Festival


Purley Festival 



          When the Festival came up I was away doing a lecture about dogs behaviour.

The Op Manager is in holiday. 

What our Security Operationals did? 
They started to organise themselves as a strong unit they are.
Peter took care of the radios, even if he was not working at the festival himself and no one told him to do it, he charged and checked the radios to make sure his colleagues will not end up with dead communication on the day.

Doina took care of all other equipment and organisational matter even her job is accounting. 

The car with equipment and guards broke down on the way to the festival; the guys did not complained, did not give up, did not call me to make a fuss about it.
They found alternative transport, loaded the kit and off they went to the festival in time. And they did an outstanding job over there!


I didn't know anything about any problems till I got the report at the end of the day.

Well done Team GDS!  I'm proud to have YOU!   

Thank you Guys! 


Ray Zamfir 

Guard Dog Security  






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