Prevent Squatting on vacant property



Prevent Squatting on your property
Vacant Property Protection


Thousands of empty properties are occupied by squatters and costs time and money to regain possession of your property. 
Squatting is not a crime and once on your commercial property, your property become their home and you have to respect that till you have a court Possession Order. 

The only solution is prevention.  We provide business and residential security 

•    Building site occupation 
•    Manned Guards
•    Key Holding
•    Access Control
•    CCTV Systems
•    Intruder Alarms
•    Boarding
•    Reduce Insurance Premiums

Our vacant property security staff will occupy your property and prevents problems associated with unused buildings and land


•    Squatting
•    Graffiti 
•    Fly-tipping
•    Theft and Vandalism
•    Occupation by travellers
•    Theft of lead and copper
Call now, to find the best solution to keep your property safe. 

T: 020 8637 1406

 Squatters are well informed and organised and you may find this Legal Warning on your property: 


Legal Warning














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