NASDU – Level 2 General Purpose Security Dog Handler Course





Guard Dog Security is proud to announce the successful completion of the Level 2 GP Security Dog Handling course by all of our Officers.


              This month our Dog Handlers together with their dogs trained hard and gained valuable experience during the General Purpose Security Dog Handling course.

They all passed the exam in both theory and practice and developed great skills. They proved to be highly capable to assist an injured victim of a burglary assault in the protected area, to call for medical assistance and police reinforcement and to successfully track and arrest the suspect hiding in the bushes.

They learned how to continuously maintain radio communication with the command center and provide feedback valuable for further police investigation.

The officers improved the relationship with their dogs and learned how to work better as one powerful team.

We take our job very seriously and we commit to train our officers to the highest standards. We train with our dogs daily and have team training twice a week. Having achieved these standards, when facing critical incidents or dangerous situations, it will be nothing more than “another day at the office”.

Well done Guard Dog Security team !


We have a mission that defines us in everything we do.

Our Mission Is to Protect You!






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