Huge aggressive dog trained for off lead comands


This huge Mastino Napoletano came for training because his lady owner couldn’t  control him on lead. 

The dog was too strong for the owner and will drag her down the road when he felt like he wants to attack and bite someone. 

She was advised to use pinch collars and other means to hold on the dog, but this boy is well to strong for her. 

It was no way a 55kg girl to hold on a 70kg Mastino Napolitano. 

Unless I can get her to hold the dog, not on a leash, but on Mental Power đŸ™‚ 

Many dogs get destroyed in the UK and worldwide every day because they are too big and aggressive and cannot be controlled by their owners. 

My challenge was to get Kuba understand and perform protection only next to his lady owner. Not to chase people down the rod and rip them in pieces as he may like to do.

I get Kuba to stay close to his owner whatever is happening around her and if he thinks someone is a threat to bark and jump up but never leave her site. 

So Kuba enjoys a lovely life within the family and was safe. 

See the video attached and see how huge Kuba protect his owner off-lead and didn’t leave her side to attack me. 

She doesn’t need a lead to hold on Kuba, she has Powers. 


Her voice and Mental Strength only holds on this huge Mastino Napoletano in place.  



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And in this picture here is my rescued Rottweiler Nico.

He was scheduled to be put down by the vet being too aggressive and out of control. 
 I rescue Nico and he is living a happy life doing a job he loves đŸ™‚   




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