How Security Cameras Can Help You Deal with Problematic Staff



Crimes against businesses in the United Kingdom are very common occurrences. While we are all aware of how robbers and thieves can come barging into small stores equipped with dangerous weapons, we seldom take into consideration the fact that larger businesses, mainly the corporations, are equally as vulnerable to theft and robbery. What is truly surprising is the fact that it is not always the customers or the outsiders that carry the threat of theft. Sometimes, the crimes can take place from within. You may trust your staff with all your heart, but there is always a possibility that they can be involved in major or minor theft.


Staff Theft is Common

Crimes committed by the staff in businesses are not isolated incidents at all. In fact, these crimes take place quite frequently in the UK. As a matter of fact, it has been proven multiple times that the biggest crime threat comes from the staff themselves. It is the inconvenient truth that business owners and executives are reluctant to address. Your employees, as much as they contribute to the growth and success of your business, can turn out to be reason behind a catastrophic corporate heist. Problematic staff hurting businesses through well thought out and perfectly executed crimes is not unheard of. In fact, these incidents have been documented repeatedly over the years.


The Ordeal of Dealing with Problematic Personnel

Dealing with problematic employees is certainly not easy. It is not the same as curbing down the threat posed by professional thieves and robbers. With the proper security scheme and assistance from security services, you can keep criminals miles away from the premises of your business. However, in the case of problematic personnel working for your company, you need to adapt a more creative approach to averting the danger of theft.

The one thing that you should not do is go around blaming everybody or suspecting them whenever stock, goods or other company possessions are stolen. The last thing you need is to deplete the morale of your group of employees. The entire team cannot suffer due to the irresponsible actions of a few individuals.



CCTV Surveillance is the Solution

The simplest and the easiest solution to eradicating staff theft and dealing with problematic personnel is installing a complete CCTV surveillance system all over your business premises. Often times, cameras in the offices and headquarters of corporations are strategically placed to catch outsiders or even customers stealing and robbing. However, many business owners and executives turn a blind eye towards monitoring their staff through the CCTV surveillance. If employees are escaping the vision of security cameras, then your entire CCTV surveillance system is being underutilized.

Do not be afraid to monitor your staff. You should have no reservations about finding out exactly what your employees are up to while they are working for you. If you are concerned about ethics, then be assured that there is nothing unethical about making sure that every employee in your business is abiding by the laws you have set for them.


Why Hidden Cameras Are a Bad Idea

Business executives or owners who do decide to install security cameras often struggle to choose between fully visible cameras and hidden cameras. The general perception is that hidden cameras work best. However, those who have had experience with staff robbery or theft will tell you that hidden cameras may not be the best option. The problem with hidden cameras is that they distract you from the main purpose installing a CCTV surveillance system; catching employees in the act of stealing.

 Installing hidden cameras lets you spy in one every employee. This often proves to be disturbing since almost every employee engages in inappropriate activities such as sleeping, deliberately breaking things, littering or loitering that you may not approve of as the business owner or the executive. As a result, instead of specifically focusing on those who are directly involved in theft crimes, you turn your attention to those who are simply breaching the office code of conduct.

And in case of taking the thief to court you will not be able to use any evidence taken with a hidden camera.  



Fully Visible Security Cameras

Installing fully visible security cameras and letting the staff know about it makes it more convenient for businesses to prevent staff crimes. A strong CCTV surveillance system would make any hidden thief think twice about stealing from his or her own working place.

And you will be surprise to see how often people forget they are under the CCTV surveillance and they will commit the crime on camera. Some habits are just hard to brake.


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