How Protecting Your Premises with Security Dogs & Handlers is More Efficient and Cost Effective


People are becoming more and more aware of the need for security for their premises and if George Orwell were still with us, he would be shocked to see how much like 1984 most of the world has become. Surveillance is everywhere and most of it is digital. When fighting against thieves this is going to be helpful in the long term as it will allow security firms and the police to identify and track the route that thieves take, but is this the most important thing. Ask any shop owner who has suffered a burglary and they will say that they would have rather the break in was stopped or something was there to prevent the thieves even thinking about the theft. It is here that guard dogs become important and if there are more of them on patrol, there is a greater feeling of security for residents and business owners, and a greater feeling of fear for the criminals. 

CCTV v Guard Dogs

When there is a camera on a property there will be some form of deterrent but for many criminals all they need to do is cover their faces and it will not be possible to tell who it is. More advanced ones may even be able to disable the system and walk onto the property as if they owned it. When there is a dog in the area it will be a different matter. Not knowing who it is will not be an issue as the dog will bark and lunge at whoever the handler tells them to.

Guard Dog Security

Dog v Alarms

When a burglary takes place there are going to be alarms that are connected to police stations or the alarm company but this will not be all of them and it is going to be very expensive. The big problem with this is that there can be faults with electronics and many companies find they have too many false alarms. While this is annoying for the member of staff called out, the police soon get fed up and fines can be issued or they will refuse to respond. Even on the occasions when there has been a response the police have arrived too late. A dog can make a great deal of noise and is much better at keeping a criminal standing on the spot than an alarm is.


Dog patrols v mobile patrols

It has to be accepted that there are certain estates were one or two dogs would not be enough and there would have to be some other form of patrol, but using a dog in a mobile patrol will be ideal. If the area is small there is nothing stopping the dog being walked around a number of times and if it is spread over a number of sites, it can be driven there.


Often there will be an automatic fear when a burglar realises that there is a guard dog present. A lot will have had a fear of dogs since they were young – some may have been bitten, others may just not like them. In some cases it is just the sound of the bark that makes them afraid, then they see the teeth and realise the damage they could do. Guard dogs tend to be big, strong animals and the knowledge that it could easily overpower them will send most burglars running for the door. The others will be stuck to the floor with fear. Knowing that a guard dog is going to be well trained and will obey any command that it is given will leave the criminal in a state of fear not knowing if the order will be given to attack. It will be at this stage that a guard will often be able to unmask a criminal so that identifying them will be fine.

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High Level Training

It can be expensive to train a guard dog and insurance premiums can be high, but when this expense has been paid, the benefits of having a guard dog are clear to see. The great advantage is that just knowing that there is a guard dog on the premises or carrying out regular patrols can stop a criminal attempting a break in. You can have the best of both worlds, a way of stopping attacks and a way to deal with ones that do occur.

If there is a face off during the break in it is very likely that there could be a fight. As long as guns are not involved most burglars would take the risk of throwing punches to police or security guards. They can defend themselves against batons and will often be able to get out of the way of pepper sprays, but a guard dog is a whole different ball game. Even before the dog has begun to attack there will have been a disruption caused and there is a chance that back up is on the way as a result of the loud and prolonged barking. A guard dog will not bark once, but continue until ordered to stop and the order will have to come from the handler.

An officer may have a sense of their own safety and will not take risks when it comes to physical contact, but a dog will not have this awareness. It will make an advance when told and will not react to the sight of a knife or a gun the way that a person would. When a guard dog has finished their training they are fully alert to danger and know to attack on demand. A burglar will know this but the thing they will not know is how secure the handler feels and what it will take for them to give the command to attack. The reality is that a professional dog handler will be as well trained as their dog and will know when to give the command to attack.

As long as the burglar does not know that the advantage is always going to the people who have guard dogs over other forms of protection.

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