How much crime is in your area?


The number of crimes in the area of North London has gone up between June 2016 and May 2017 and — here’s what’s troubling us — almost 68 percent of those crimes never get solved. What’s going on here?
As cited by website, 641 cases or 30.08% of 2,104 serious crimes reported were because of anti-social behavior; 410 cases or 19.24% for violence and sexual offenses; and, 7.7 % or 164 cases for burglary. That said, 999 cases were already closed as no further action needed. Reference:

If anyone thinks it’s time to relax in the fight against crime, don’t.
Why do the vast majority of crimes go unsolved?

It is so bad and is not much what police can do. This inability by the police to solve the crime exacerbate the sense of impunity among criminals. More than half of the cases, they just let them be to do it again. It is a cat and mouse play.

More important is the likely effect on victims, and the families of victims, who not only do not now get justice but will be aware that their quest for relief is officially on the back burner.

You check here the crime rate of your area, type your post code in the search box, and see how you score.

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