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Keeping stores safe and secure in Gloucestershire
by The Gloucestershire Echo
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Good security is vital for any successful shop, and the Echo’s awards for top retailers has a prize for the most vigilant stores.
The best retail security prize in the Love to Shop awards honors the stores which make a special effort to keep their customers, staff and stock safe.
It is one of the most hotly contested categories, and among the stores nominated are Beards jewelers and Karen Millen in the Promenade in Cheltenham.
Beards has one guard on the door at any time and 25 CCTV cameras. All staff are security trained and carry panic alarms too.
Managing director Alexander Rose said: “Obviously we have to have very tight security because of the nature of the shop and the value of our stock.
“We find that shoplifters are not a problem because our security is so tight. We spend a fortune on security. Our security guy is also a meeter and greeter. He is not a big, scary, heavy guy, but he is trained and it’s great to know he’s there if needed.”
He added that around eight years ago the shop had been the victim of a “smash and grab” crime, but had seen nothing since.
“We have a good relationship with the police. They are on immediate response to our alarms. They use our CCTV because it’s near the clubs and taxi rank.”
Karen Millen has CCTV cameras, security tags on all items, and staff who are always on the lookout on the shop floor and in the changing room area.
Assistant manager Jo Hytch said: “We do not get many shoplifters and generally have tight security. If we have a snatcher, all the shops along the prom are very good at working together. We will send out a description and the other shop staff along the prom will keep a lookout for them.”
Jo praised the Love to Shop awards for raising awareness of the quality of the shops in Cheltenham and the hard work of the staff.
She said: “The awards are a really good idea.
“They really help the shops that are less well known.” 
The other awards include best overall retailer, window display and marketing campaign, with a national and independent category for each.
There are also prizes for best customer service and sales representative.



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