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Men Guarding & Guard Dogs with FREE CCTV Surveillance System

For this offer quote GDS-F-CCTV

As a SIA AC and NASDU inspected company, we are one of the fastest growing security companies in England and we are committed to our mission to offer the highest standard of Security Protection.

Our security officers are experienced former Police and Army officers. They are used to face dangerous people and are trained to ease any situation with professionalism. This is how we strive to offer 100% protection and peace of mind.

Guard Dog Security is focused on cost efficiency, proficient personal and fast reactions to your security needs.


________________ Static Guards ______________________










____________ Dog Handlers______________________

GDS K9 Officer


You benefit from the following services:

  • ·         Security Guards or Security Dogs and Handlers
  • ·         FREE CCTV with 4 high performance IR night cameras
  • ·         High Deterrent- Police like – market car with the Guard Dog offer
  • ·         Uniform – Smart but functional all staff wear SIA badges and Hi-Visibility wear for day and night work
  • ·         2 ways radios for fast communication
  • ·         Electronic checkpoints at your request
  • ·         Standard Security kit, torches, 
  • ·         High deterrent Security Warning signs  
  • ·         Dedicated line of communication with the security officers on duty (site mobile phone)
  • ·         24/7 direct line with the Operations Manager
  • ·         Reduce Security Risks on your premises to zero
  • ·         All covered by our Liability Insurance



GDS Warning Sign


      Men Guarding & Guard Dogs + FREE CCTV








Service Quantity Timetable/units  
Guard Dog Security 1 12 hrs shift  
Men Guarding 1   12 hrs shift  
Installation of up to 4 CCTV Cameras  




A trained Dog and Handler can protect your site better than 3 or 5 static guards.

FREE CCTV Site Surveillance System see it on web and smartphone. Worth £2,500

With any 6 month minimum contract for Static Men Guarding or Guard Dogs

As much as we want, unfortunately we cannot install free CCTV to everyone, therefor we limited the FREE CCTV System to only the first 3 new contracts on a “Fist come first serve” base. 
If you think, your premises need security and you want to save time and money, you can take advantage of this offer, call us now. T: 02086371406 

This offer is limited to the first (3) three new contracts

The CCTV package includes all the benefits below:

  • ·         4 High quality Night Vision Cameras
  • ·         All cables and connections necessary
  • ·         The installation and fittings of the cameras and system
  • ·         Running all cables to the control room
  • ·         Security CCTV Warning signs
  • ·         Security advice and consultancy
  • ·         See the CCTV on your smartphone /tablet/PC, from anywhere in the world


Service Quantity CCTV Price
Installation of up to 4 CCTV Cameras £2,495 FREE of charge
Installation of up to 8 CCTV Cameras £3,725
Alarm System with smock and CO detector £595


To benefit for this offer call us now on T: 02086371406

or email:

And quote: GDS-F-CCTV

If you beleve it's too good to be true, well I can understand, but call me and I'll explain the math behind it. 
In fact is simple. instead of paying for marketing and customer aquisition I figur out is better to use the money to offer you, as our customer, a gift, a gift that can help us to protect you better and helps you to stay safer and give you remote visual over your premises.

I belive it's called a WIN, WIN situation. 

Kind Regards, 

​​Ray Zamfir 
Managing Director 
​​Guard Dog Security ltd


T: 02086371406

M: 07877685922

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and CCTV







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