UK businesses lose 21 billion pounds a year to cyber crime

The UK government is issuing advice to British business leaders on how to protect themselves from cyber threats, the BBC reported Wednesday.
At a conference at the Foreign Office in Kuwait,  ministers and officials from communications intelligence agency, GCHQ will tell companies to create a more securityconscious culture.

It is estimated that UK businesses lose 21 billion pounds a year to cyber crime. Banks, manufacturers, energy suppliers and broadcasters are among those attacked this year, officials say.

Government departments, engineering firms, academic institutions and even charities have also come under attack.
However, a survey in May by BAE Systems suggested nearly nine out of 10 UK businesses were very or fairly confident about their defences.
Iain Lobban, the head of GCHQ will tell business leaders that such confidence is misplaced with potentially major implications for the economy and customers trust in online services, the BBC added.
He will ask board members and chief executives how confident they are that their company’s most important information is safe from cyber threats and whether they are aware of the impact on a company’s reputation, share price or even existence if sensitive information is stolen.
Last June, the head of UK security agency MI5 Jonathan Evans said it was battling astonishing levels of cyberattacks on UK industry. Evans warned internet vulnerabilities were being exploited by criminals as well as states.

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  1. Eht says:

    Cyber crime enables manauplition of others’ property, theft or manauplition. It is a trespass on the property of another. The fact that it is by “remote control” is no reason to pardon it.It should be dealt with as strictly as any other violation of another’s property rights.References :

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