Convicted robber let into the UK

Criminals are coming into the UK from all over the world. How can you protect your community?

News from: The Sun

“AN elderly jeweller was murdered by a convicted robber let into the UK from Poland — where he was on the run from JAIL.

Brute Ireneusz Melaniuk, 34, was yesterday revealed to have waltzed past border staff with NO checks.

Last night he was facing a life sentence after pleading guilty to battering and knifing to death disabled Peter Avis in a raid on the 66-year-old’s store.
Melaniuk scarpered back to his homeland — where he was already a wanted man — after the horror in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
He was caught a month later following an international manhunt — and extradited to Britain. Last night there was outrage the killer — who fled jail in Chelm, Poland, on day release — was free to come here in the first place.
The murder victim’s local MP David Ruffley demanded: “How did an escaped criminal not get picked up at the UK border?”
Tory MEP Vicky Ford stormed: “It seems very strange. It’s basic Sherlock Holmes stuff. Criminal on the loose — you alert ports and airports.” Officials here blamed the Poles — whose embassy yesterday confirmed Melaniuk vanished while serving time for robbery.
The UK Border Agency said it was never alerted.
A spokesman explained: “Passengers travelling to the UK are checked against a range of watch-lists.”

The Sun news here:

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