Burglars smash into Toy Galaxy in High Barnet and steal up to £10,000 of goods

Guard Dog Security offers services of Retail Park Dog Patrol.

How it works?

We Patrol the Retail Park with a Trained Officer and Dog.
Shop owners can get together and split the cost of this Guard Dog Security Patrol between the shops.

You have peace of mind for a fraction of the costs.

Shop owners where told that alarms and CCTV’s will protect them.
The problem is this devises cannot protect, just witness the crime taking place.

We at Guard Dog Security offer active protection to prevent crimes and loss.

This is what you receive:

1. Trained Dog Handlers patrolling the Retail Park

2. Security Trained Dog

3. Specific Guard Dog Security uniforms (high deterrent)

4. Security Vehicle (police like marked) stationary on the Retail Park (high deterrent)

7. All personal and dogs are trained specific for the sites they protect

For this service call 020 8637 1406


Here is the burglary news from Times-Series website:

“Burglars smashed their way into a High Barnet toy store and stole up to £10,000 in stock and cash.

At least two men broke into Toy Galaxy, in High Street, and spent 90 minutes removing goods in what is believed to be a planned attack.

CCTV cameras captured the pair loading expensive toys into a vehicle that pulled up in a rear car park soon after they broke in.

A safe containing up to £3,000 cash was taken, along with a till full of money.

The men entered the store at 11.30pm on Sunday and did not leave until 2am on Monday.
Store manager Ashley McGrath discovered the aftermath on Monday morning when he arrived to open up.

He said: “I was just so angry. We’re a small business and this is people’s livelihood. They must have something wrong with them to have the nerve to do this. It’s disgusting.”

The store, which opened in April, is one in a chain of four.

Items taken included expensive Scalextric kits, Hornby trains and Lego toys.

Mr McGrath, who has been a manager with the company for four years, found a toy in the car park as he arrived at work before walking into the shop to find the mess.
The burglars broke in through the fire exit door, which was found with a large hole smashed into it.

Mr Mcgrath added: “We think there may have been more of them. The police are investigating it now. We’re upgrading our security now and taking extra measures to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“We’re determined to carry on trading and keep our spirits up to show these people that they won’t stop us.”

Police are asking witnesses or anyone who recognises the man in the photograph to call the non-emergency number 101 with information.”

This news is from the website:


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