BSIA Case Study


This is a Case Study described by BSIA (British Security Industry Association) 

Very common.  I have seen it in numerous occasions. 

Case study

"A large construction company had taken what it thought to be adequate security measures for a school construction site in that it was totally enclosed by a close-board fence, access was through turnstiles for workers and an air-lock for vehicles, they had installed remotely monitored (but not recorded) CCTV and there was a manned guarding presence 24/7.

The site had a history of sporadic unauthorised access by young people. However, during a weekend of the spring half-term several young people gained access to the site and caused tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage to the fabric of the building. When challenged by the security guards, they subjected the guards to verbal abuse and threw bricks and scaffolding poles at them. 

The same thing happened on the following weekend. The police were called, and whilst good descriptions of the offenders were provided, no arrests were made."

What Can I say?!
Its happening all the time at all levels.

It is important for your premises not to face disaster, therefore we are all on your side on this one.

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