Guard dogs are the best bet for security, readers say

Poll results: 

Many readers think man's best friend is also the best chance at keeping criminals away.

A guard dog (52 votes) is the top choice for adding security to a home, MLive readers voted as of Monday, Nov. 19, followed by the use of a security system (41) and installing high quality doors and locks (15).
Home safe (12), neighborh

ood watch (11), motion lighting (10), other (10) bank deposit box (6), Bars on windows (2) were the other poll o
In the "other," nine votes were cast for guns and one vote was cast for a good, quality insurance policy. 
The poll asked readers about the best way to keep their homes and belongings safe when no one is at home. 
A total of 157 votes were cast in the poll over the past four days. The poll allows for selection of two options
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  2. Eddie says:

    Thanks guys, I just about lost it loiokng for this.

  3. Kaden says:

    At last, soomene comes up with the “right” answer!

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